Eche Ononukwe

Rookie (22 November 1984 / Bariga, Lagos)

Biography of Eche Ononukwe


Popularly known as Magikpluz (simply Magik) , Eche Ononukwe was born at Bariga, Lagos to the family of Ononukwe. He is a native of Umuezukwe of Awo-Omamma in Oru East Local Government Area of Imo state (Nigeria) . His father., Boniface, died in 2005, when he (Eche) was about to gain admission to the Bayelsa Science and Arts as a polytechnic student.


Eche Ononukwe attended Abule Ayo Primary School, situated at Bariga. He exhibited extra-ordinary performance during his primary school days which lasted between 1990 and 1996. Although he was not among the school prefects, he enjoyed the privilege accrued to the position.

In 1996, when he gained entrance to Howell Memorial Grammar School, he took his studies so serious. This was so reflected in his performance in class that his classmates became interested in having him as a friend; Eche was so selective in his choice of friendship that he turned down the request of many as that might influence his personality negatively. Eche faced a serious financial set-back at his final year in the Junior Class to the extent that it affected his academic performance, although he managed to be promoted to the Senior Class; but still, his financial statue became worsened, and so he failed his promotion exam. His failure gingered him to work much harder for his studies. Eche got lots of experience and skills above any of his classmates. This drew much attention from all and sundry, especially his classmates and his teachers who became inquisitive to know more about him. His favourite then was mathematics and his mastery and success were attributed to his cousin, Uche John Gilbert Ileozor, who taught him the rules and application of the subject. Eche also developed interest in English, when he was influenced by Shakespear's ''Macbeth'', ''and ''Merchant of Venice''. Yet he preferred History to Literature or English. As a brilliant student, Eche was the second Chief Block Prefect appointed by the missionary school, Bishop Howell Memorial Grammar School. He also made a tremendous effort in his studies so much so that he represented his school in debates, drama and quizzes. His last outing was a debate contest conducted by the NTA Channel 5, Lagos to which he could not qualify his school for the national one, having failed in the contest.

Owing to a financial crisis, Eche travelled to Onitsha to answer a call from his elder brother, Chinedu, who promised to help out. Eche wrote his GCE O' level after a year stay with his brother. He also embarked on self-education in preparation for his pre-University admission. He had an encouraging score of 259 but failed to gain entrance to study Law at NAU. Out of frustration, he withdrew from education and went into trading to help himself in furthering his education at a due time. After two year, he registered as a CEP student at Namdi Azikiwe University (NAU) Awka. He was also the course representative unopposed until he withdrew owing to financial difficulty. Eche's interest in full-time course in English Language and Literature made him to re-write the UME and so he scored 279.


The ideas and philosophies of William Shakespeare, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chinua Achebe, Joy Eyisi, St Augustine and St Thomas Acquinas make lots of influence on the attitudes and personality of him. In turn, Eche has also influenced many, especially as a teacher.


Having taught for many years in many secondary schools, and as a researcher in Christian Religion, Government and Politics, History, Literature-in- English and English Language, Eche has written many works to his credit, some of which are '' Contemporary Government and Politics'', ''The Ancient Black Pot'', ''The Small Still Voice'', '' The Place of English Language in Nigeria'', 'etc.

Eche Ononukwe's Works:

'Contemporary Government and Politics', 'A Voice Within', 'A Still Small Voice', and 'A Black Ancient Pot' Updates

The Fringe Of Our Land

Long, long ago

when, they say, we liv’d in huts,

in peace and in plenty we dwelt;

then came those ov’r-ripp’d pawpaws;

sermons, they preach’d

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