Edgar Albert Guest Poems

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The Worry-Chaser

COME here to me, little lassie of three,
And get in your place on your old daddy's knee,
Put those chubby arms round where they nightly belong
And cling to my neck, for the day has gone wrong

The Sweetest Soul I Ever Knew

The sweetest soul I ever knew
I Had suffered untold sorrow,
Had wept full many a long night through
And feared the dark tomorrow.

The Birth Of Love

I REMEMBER the first tiny cry that she gave
And my heart felt a thrill that it never had known,
And my face which a moment before had been grave
With the sunlight of love and of happiness shone;

Neil Snow

The whistle sounds! The game is o'er!
We pay our tribute now with tears
Instead of smiling eyes and cheers.
Neil Snow has crossed the line once more.

What Ma Said

When Pa came home last night he had a package in his hand,
Now Ma,' said he, 'I've something here which you will say is grand.
A friend of mine got home today from hunting in the woods,
He's been away a week or two, and got back with the goods.

The Comedian

Whatever the task and whatever the risk, wherever
the flag's in air,
The funny man with his sunny ways is sure to
be laughing there.

The Way To Make Friends

THE way to make friends is as easy
As breathing the fresh morning air;
It isn't an art to be studied

The Burden Bearer

Oh, my shoulders grow aweary of the burdens I am bearin',
An' I grumble when I'm footsore at the rough road I am farin',
But I strap my knapsack tighter till I feel the leather bind me,
An' I'm glad to bear the burdens for the ones who come behind me.


OUT of the darkness and shadow of death,
Out of the anguish that wells from the tomb,
Into the splendor of spiritual breath,
Now we have burst like a lily in bloom;

Mark Twain

MARK TWAIN is dead! No, no, that cannot be,
Say rather Clemens knows life's mystery,
Say rather Clemens has been called above,
But Twain still lives for all the world to love.