Edgar Albert Guest Poems

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The Little Chap

DO you know why men dig ditches
And why others till the soil?
Do you know why men seek riches,
And each morn go out to toil?

Sticky Fingers

Wife says that I should be ashamed
To wear such garments as I do,
Full many a time has she exclaimed:
'A month ago that suit was new,

To A Lady Knitting

Little woman, hourly sitting,
Something for a soldier knitting,
What in fancy can you see?
Many pictures come to me
Through the stitch that now you're making:

When Ma Wants Something New

Last night Ma said to Pa: 'My dear,
The Williamsons are coming here
To visit for a week or two,
An' I must have a talk with you.

My Soul And I

When winter shuts a fellow in and turns the lock upon his door,
There's nothing else for him to do but sit and dream his bygones o'er.
And then before an open fire he smokes his pipe, while in the blaze
He seems to see a picture show of all his happy yesterdays.

If I Were Santa Claus

IF only I were Santa Claus I 'd travel east and west
To every hovel where there lies a little child at rest;
I'd drive my reindeer over roofs they'd never trod before,
I 'd seek the tenements where sleep the babies on the floor,

The Time For Brotherhood

When a fellow's feeling blue,
And is troubled, through and through
With a melancholy feeling
That he cannot seem to shake,

Jes' Wonderin'!

I WONDER if they're bitin' way off yonder in the bay!
I wonder if they're fightin' very hard t' git away!
I wonder if they're hungry, an' would grab a silver spoon
Th' way that I remember they used t' do in June!

The Brave Men

HERE'S to the men who laugh
In the face of grim despair,
Who gather the tares and chaff
But sow with a cheerful air.

When The Dressmaker Comes

WHEN the dressmaker comes I am told to clear out,
For they don't want me anywhere hanging about;
At seven in the morning they send me away