Edgar Albert Guest Poems

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The Future

'The worst is yet to come:'
So wail the doubters glum,
But here's the better view;
'My best I've yet to do.'

The Joys We Miss

There never comes a lonely day but that we miss the laughing ways
Of those who used to walk with us through all our happy yesterdays.
We seldom miss the earthly great—the famous men that life has known—
But, as the years go racing by, we miss the friends we used to own.

Just Like A Man

This is the phrase they love to say:
'Just like a man!'
You can hear it wherever you chance to stray:
'Just like a man!'

The Tears Expressive

Death crossed his threshold yesterday
And left the glad voice of his loved one dumb.
To him the living now will come

Lost Opportunities

'When I am rich,' he used to say,
'A thousand joys I'll give away;
I'll walk among the poor I find
And unto one and all be kind.

A Song

Rough be the road and long,
Steep be the hills ahead,
Grant that my faith be strong,
Fearlessly let me tread.

The Responsibility Of Fatherhood

BEFORE you came, my little lad,
I used to think that I was good,
Some vicious habits, too, I had,
But wouldn't change them if I could.

Why I'M Glad

I'M glad I have a wife at home
That's patient, kind and true;
I 'm glad a little tot of three
At home waits for me, too;

If Those Who Love Us

F those who love us find us true
And kind and gentle, and are glad
When each grim working day is through
To have us near them, why be sad?

The Benefit Of Trouble

IF LIFE were rosy and skies were blue
And never a cloud appeared,
If every heart that you loved proved true,
And never a friendship seared;