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Edgard Canales P Poems

1. Too Late 11/3/2010
2. Da Moment U Were Born... 11/5/2010
3. Feelings In Words 11/5/2010
4. I Know It Seems 11/9/2010
5. Temptation, Passion In Every Way 11/9/2010
6. Mary, Mary, Lady Of My Dreams 11/11/2010
7. 4 What Its Worth 11/12/2010
8. Show My Love Back 11/16/2010
9. Spoke To Miya Yesterday 12/14/2010
10. Love My Family More & More, More Than I Already Do. 1/29/2011
11. Love & Miss You Guys 2/11/2011
12. To My Mother: 2/11/2011
13. A Painting With My Face And A Frozen Heart In A See Through Case. 2/22/2011
14. My Brother's Keeper To The End 2/23/2011
15. Nataly & Miya, You Own My Heart 3/15/2011
16. 4 Walls To A Cell 5/23/2011
17. Behind The Smiles 6/14/2011
18. Anger In My Heart 7/18/2011
19. Lyricz 2 My Soul 10/18/2011
20. Every Dog Got His Day (Haters) 10/22/2011
21. I Recall It All 12/7/2011
22. Heart Of A Phoenix 12/12/2011
23. At Times I Wonder 12/20/2011
24. Keep It G (Dedication) 1/1/2012
25. Soldiers Gone 1/2/2012
26. Palm Trees And Blue Skies 1/5/2012
27. Spiritually 2/2/2012
28. One Night Stand 7/25/2011
29. There Is No Place Like Home 7/27/2011
30. Small Question To Make 7/30/2011
31. House Of Slaughter (The Devil & His Son Haunt Me Part2) 2/8/2012
32. Failing As Father 3/1/2012
33. Remember Me For Me 3/29/2012
34. When You Loving Me I Feel No Pain 4/16/2012
35. Day Dreaming 5/3/2012
36. Inside My Mind I Bare A Cross 8/7/2012
37. Hope One Day I Make It To Be Rich 12/10/2012
38. God Please Help 1/11/2013
39. Chronicles Of A Wondering Soul: Heart Of A Lion 2/13/2013
40. Chronicles Of A Wondering Soul: A Dragon's Token 2/14/2013
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Cry In The Rain

Nightmares always the same
me either dead or in chains,
think I'm going insane
cause I cry in the rain.
Unbreakable shell re-enforced with the toughest of steel
but I cry in the rain so no one sees my bitterful tears.
I suffered for years
but never had fear.
Cause I had the Lord near
He made it all clear.
Stand in the rain and wait for that drop
to wash away all of the stains of the battles I've fought.
Close my eyes and all noise becomes faint
Rain please wash away my suffer and pain.
Simple and plain
with passion it came,
rushing through all ...

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Feelings In Words

Trying to put my feelings in words
I try and try hard
I think of so many words
but no word is really
what I feel by far
The word LOVE is suppose to be,
the word which describes
you and me
it does not, not even come close
how can one word say what I feel
in my inner most.

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