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made so mistake within my life I hurt all that loved and cared anout me.. i choose drugs over everything.. There was a time when I wanted to stop getting high so despartly but I couldnt not matter the cost nomatter the pain....
I can never forgive my self as other have forgiven me..The one true love of my life Robert O'malley, I continue to hurt.I am not sure why but i feel that i blain him for my pain and my mistakes when i know it was not or is not his fault.. he continues to love me though and for that i am greatful

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A Forgiven Chance

Through a waste away past, a life not worth living,
I thought I've done things, that were not forgiving.
Like denying my Bobby, the children he loves so much,
and denying him me, when he yearned for my touch.

And neglecting the like, of my very own seed,
not htinking of the time or the love that they'd need,
My prioritied were wacked, and this went on and on,
Till the boyfriend I loved, and the children was gone.

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