Edith SaintFelix

Rookie (02/15/90 / Pasadena, California)

Edith SaintFelix Poems

1. If You 8/7/2006
2. Emotions 11/4/2006
3. Falling For Her 1/13/2007
4. Don'T Wanna Try 5/6/2007
5. She's Special 5/22/2007
6. Desire 7/10/2007
7. Seeing Her 7/11/2007
8. I'M Done 8/16/2007
9. Fed Up 10/13/2008
10. Alone 12/20/2008
11. Hurting 12/20/2008
12. Girls 12/20/2008
13. Leaving For Cali 10/11/2009
14. I'M Sorry 11/12/2009
15. She Apologized 11/12/2009
16. I Am (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
17. Acceptence (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
18. You 3/31/2006
19. Falling In Love With You 3/31/2006
20. Just Do Me 10/2/2007
21. I Will Always Love You 10/2/2007
22. Noticing Her (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
23. Starting Over (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
24. Second Chances (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
25. Growing Up, Moving On 8/16/2007
26. Losing Control 10/7/2008
27. Music 10/2/2007
28. Unresolved Issues 6/20/2008
29. Life 7/15/2006
30. Sex (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
31. She's Beautiful (Old Poem) 3/6/2010
Best Poem of Edith SaintFelix

She's Beautiful (Old Poem)

She defines beauty and intelligence.
She's a woman who has it all.
Her sexiness is so intoxicating.
It makes men and women fall.
Her mind is so creative.
And her body's so unique.
Her words can take your breath away.
Her smile can make you weak.
She is a phenomenal woman.
Who knows she's got that fire.
You can see it in her walk.
When she enters a room you feel it.
Like a cool and gentle breeze.
Her presence is so powerful.
It makes everything in her path freeze.
She has the prettiest eyes.
That matches her gorgeous face.
She is truly one of a...

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If You

If you could stop time would you risk it?
If you could forget pain would you do it?
If you could run would you stop?
Would you run till you reached the top?

If you were in trouble would you fight?
Would you understand what's wrong or right?
If someone hurt you would you cry?
Would you cry till night reached the sky?

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