Edmund V. Strolis

Edmund V. Strolis Poems

81. Home Again 1/26/2016
82. Painted Smile 1/27/2016
83. Snow Blossom 1/28/2016
84. Fletcher Man 1/29/2016
85. Hide The Candlesticks 1/30/2016
86. Zebra Skin 2/2/2016
87. Family And Friends 2/2/2016
88. Crimson Orbs 2/2/2016
89. Carpe Diem 2/10/2016
90. Free Coffee 2/11/2016
91. Green Team 2/11/2016
92. Sixteen Hours In 2/11/2016
93. Give Me The Italian Family 2/11/2016
94. Carry On 2/11/2016
95. A Day In The Life 2/12/2016
96. Lost Lenore (A Tribute To Poe) 2/12/2016
97. John Lennon An Ash Tray And Me 2/14/2016
98. When We Met For Tea 2/14/2016
99. Abandoned Towers 2/14/2016
100. Ms.Tarr And Professor Feather 2/16/2016
101. Come With Me On A Mind Adventure 2/20/2016
102. South African White Rhino 2/20/2016
103. The Wait 2/20/2016
104. Mind Games 2/23/2016
105. Hail Good Coachman 3/6/2016
106. A Solitary Flame 3/7/2016
107. My Teacher A Child 3/12/2016
108. Jimmy Stewart With Muscles 3/12/2016
109. My Neighbors Are Not Red Or Blue 3/12/2016
110. True Grit 3/12/2016
111. Party Crashers 3/12/2016
112. Mike's 54 Dream Machine 3/12/2016
113. Gypsy Yesterdays 3/16/2016
114. Rattle The Glasses 3/18/2016
115. Poem~~~enough 3/19/2016
116. Soul Food 3/21/2016
117. Stone Palettes 3/27/2016
118. King Crow 3/27/2016
119. Punisher 3/28/2016
120. Two Bits And A Bottle Of Wine 3/29/2016

Comments about Edmund V. Strolis

  • Sarah Persson Sarah Persson (8/12/2018 5:14:00 AM)

    This man Edmund Strolis is a true modern day poet genius. I dont think he knows just how good he is. His intellect and humour are such a delight. I am awestruck by the how he turns the things we take for granted every day and turns them into true works of art. His insight is the true genius and i am honoured to have crossed his path and been able to share in his thoughts and that oh so clever imagination. Edmund is a true gem of a poet, absolutely brilliant in mind and soul.

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  • Norah Tunney Norah Tunney (4/7/2017 3:54:00 PM)

    I wish I could write like Edmond Strolis original, imaginative and brilliant he is one of my favorite poets on PH.
    Poems such as seeds of wonderment a tin cup lifeor a pair of shoes open a door into the heartbreaking beauty of the most simple things.
    His sense of rhyme does not constrict it opens a wide space which is a rare gift. He is a deep thinker, a mystic, an amazing poet who draws you in to the essence of things. I agree with Theodora he is a delight to read.

  • Theodora Onken (5/9/2016 9:53:00 PM)

    Edmund, now i see what i have been missing...love your stories...and yes, your intelligence. You have the makings of a brilliant modern day poet. This site is very large and it tends to swallow many up but have been digging around and am glad because i found you! You are such a delight to read.

  • Terry Dawson (2/14/2016 10:37:00 AM)

    Here is a poet and storyteller, both, who unfolds his tales with a marvelous clarity of view and a boldness of stroke that carries the reader along enraptured! Full of freshness and novelty; Great work Edmund!

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (11/19/2015 9:17:00 AM)

    Edmund is a poet with equal doses heart, intelligence, and passion. He conveys all of these characteristics in his writing, which spans a spectrum including, but not limited to: experimentation with language and imagery, childhood memories, love and nature, and AMAZING character portraits. Some of my favorites are his writings about Teddy Roosevelt, his mother, and what originally pulled me in: the cool side of the pillow, a tribute to a boyhood summer. I am a fan of Edmund and his work. BRAVO EDMUND!

Best Poem of Edmund V. Strolis

The Long Shadow

Now with possessions so few, hoisted and bundled on wagons secure.

The measured remains still too many, to flee from the thunder of war.
His family their faces so tired, will need all their strength to endure.
As westward they travel the miles, can life ever be like before?

Goodbye to the bench in the garden where she joyfully accepted his hand.
Farewell to the arch in the hallway with holes where the mistletoe hung.
No more will he stop at the long gate that led to the sweet pastured land.
Or drink deep from the well he had dug making hay ...

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Come See...

As I show you these snapdragons
Take a breath and SEE them
Faces eastward shining
Painted by the morning sun
With grace they stand so stately
Glad faces, solar sisters
None strain or go astray
Content in sibling splendor
Sound and sturdy

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