Edmund V. Strolis

Edmund V. Strolis Poems

201. The Mystic In Me 6/17/2017
202. Budding Lilacs 4/12/2017
203. Christmas Cabin 12/23/2016
204. A String Of Days 6/28/2017
205. Going Mobile. 5/14/2017
206. Oliver Twist- A Mere Germ Of Inconvenience 5/12/2016
207. Love Street 5/3/2016
208. Acorn And Oak 5/14/2017
209. A Friend Indeed.... 6/10/2017
210. Unflinching Eyes 8/14/2016
211. We Orbit Each Other 8/6/2016
212. My Italian Mother's Dream 5/7/2016
213. My Neighbors Are Not Red Or Blue 3/12/2016
214. Laugh And Live 11/15/2015
215. Home Enough 10/28/2015
216. Theodore Roosevelt's Voyage 10/19/2015
217. Seeds Of Wonderment 4/2/2016
218. A Tin Cup Life 2/6/2017
219. Painted Smile 1/27/2016
220. Toast Sweet Solitude 6/16/2016
221. The Prize 10/4/2015
222. Patchwork 5/12/2017
223. Safe Travels 6/21/2017
224. Edgar Allan Poe 10/24/2015
Best Poem of Edmund V. Strolis

Edgar Allan Poe

They all wash over me with pitying eyes, they think that I don't see.
Yet they are only crude jagged faces on the canvas of my dreams.
Empty their wishes float, as they seem to pray my safe return.
How can they know the fever that within this prison burns.

For what is this sinister slow waltz to hell without my sweet Lenore?
My wish which any fool can guess, I must be with her once more.
How my heels find their way to that vacant tomb beyond the bedroom door.
Now I curse the promise of that desperate hour! not to join my love Lenore.

Hooves over ...

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The Spirit

September's cool nights and warm days tease and court our sentiments.
In September dusk, magic beckons us to taste her autumn fruit yet still the warm afternoon holds us faithful to the high summer's waning song.
Autumn in September is subtle and everywhere, calling us forward. But forward toward what? What misty memories await us just around the bend?

How inviting is the warm lazy walk this time of year. Summer's loose embrace still warms your shoulders and skies so bl

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