Edmundo Farolan

Biography of Edmundo Farolan

Ed lives in Vancouver, Canada. The poems in this collection date back from 1966 to the present day.

Edmundo Farolan's Works:

Lluvias Filipinas (1967) , The Rhythm of Despair (1975) , Tercera Primavera (1981) , Oh Canada! (1994) , Itinerancias/Comings and Goings (2006)

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Tears – a human factor.
Do animals cry? Is it only humans who cry?
Death. Human, earthly death.
No one escapes death.
Buildings are constructed only to be demolished.
New coins turn to old coins,
profound blackness turns to superficial light.
Earmuffs. Boots.
A yellow Valentine card from C. Her way of saying goodbye?

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