Edmundo Farolan

Biography of Edmundo Farolan

Ed lives in Vancouver, Canada. The poems in this collection date back from 1966 to the present day.

Edmundo Farolan's Works:

Lluvias Filipinas (1967) , The Rhythm of Despair (1975) , Tercera Primavera (1981) , Oh Canada! (1994) , Itinerancias/Comings and Goings (2006)

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Ode To A Dead Poet


…When the trees asked me why they were in chalked green blackboards, why there were faces drawn in them, why they were philosophical such as “the essence of trees is their being”, or “A tree has both essence and existence.” And trees can also weep because they too have tears inside their leaves, and when they thirst, they suck the earth of its juices from rains that fall and nurture poems, poems as poetic as the green indifference of trees…

And innocent. Yes, innocent and leafless in

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