Eduardo Lainez

Rookie (Nov.12,1993 / Miami, Florida)

Biography of Eduardo Lainez

Eduardo Lainez, nicknamed, 'Eddy', has been influenced by many writers. The first story he read was the Bible's, 'Book of Revelation', there he grew by writing his own alternation to the book. He thought the death of the 'Beast' was 'Anti-Climactic', so he wrote it but has lost the transcripts; due to many refurnishes that happened in his house and life.

He was heavily influenced by writers such as: Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Agatha Christie, Homerös, Stephenie Meyer - though he abhors her books, Joanne Rowling - he doesn't like her books but thinks they're pretty good in fantasy, etc. He was also influenced by The Beatles to write poems about romance, peace, and even psychadelic.

His poems aren't well received by him, saying 'They're good and all, but I want to make them better - in fact, I'm still searching how to make them better! ' He thinks that when he's older, he might find away to make the poems better.

But for now, enjoy his poems... Updates

Dust In The Wind

What do you think life is?
Is it a stream of where people live and die?
Is it a a gateway to your true destiny?
Do you know?

Well, it's dust.
Dust in the wind.
Gone, nothing more of it.
So do you think it's something else?

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