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Edward Clapham Poems

1. A Thousand Miles 11/22/2011
2. Me And Me 11/22/2011
3. Where Do Words Come From 11/22/2011
4. You 11/22/2011
5. If I Could Suspend Time 11/22/2011
6. Carla 11/22/2011
7. The Walker 11/22/2011
8. You Assume Too Much 11/22/2011
9. In Flanders Fields 11/3/2013
10. I Want You To Hear 11/13/2014
11. Damn You Madam! 11/13/2014
12. Happiness And Sadness 11/13/2014
13. Another Place 12/6/2014
14. On The Centenary Of The Battle Of The Somme - The Flowers Of The Forest 7/9/2016
15. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 7/9/2016
16. Let Not The Shades Of The Past 7/9/2016
17. Metaphor For Love 7/9/2016
18. Poetry In Mind 7/9/2016
19. Twilight Falls 7/9/2016
20. Memory 7/9/2016
21. In Homage To Edna St Vincent Millay 2/8/2018
22. I Do Not Like This Growing Old 2/8/2018
23. Shuffling Wreck 2/8/2018
24. The Spheres Move In Their Orbits 2/8/2018
25. Allegory Of Love 2/8/2018
26. Night Comes 2/8/2018
27. A Trio Of Sonnets 2/8/2018
28. Where Once You Stood 12/22/2014
29. We Do Not Choose Love 11/22/2011
30. Distance Lends Enchantment 11/22/2011
31. It's Ok To Be Sad 11/22/2011
32. Mindfulness 2/22/2015
33. Move On 12/19/2014
34. Red Queen 11/22/2011
35. What Is Truth? 12/22/2014
36. My Place 4/11/2015

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My Place

My place

There also is my place, where I explore my understanding
Of words that are said and thoughts revealed, interpretations made;
Intimacy shared and dissected, speculations proffered and discarded,
And wisdom is given and received, the acolyte at the master’s feet.

It is my space and, like another place, is defined
By boundaries that keep us within the precincts of confidentiality;
Although I unspokenly stretch these boundaries to my own ends,
And bring my world into the professional arena of supervision.

I look within, to my past and the life I...

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A Thousand Miles

A thousand miles is not as far as these few
inches between us, here as we sit in quiet conversation.
Simple friendship is not enough, though it should be,
when I am endlessly fascinated by your unfolding nature.

I cannot but love you, though only friendship is your
wish and I seek the intimacy you reserve for another.
I miss you and it is the harder for these few inches
between us, and I am the lover and you the loved.

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