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najonad 31 July 2020

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Juhaina Tumlu 31 July 2020

I have become a big fan of his limerick poems, though people may take it as funny I found them satire and straight. He was gem of poet but got recognition for limerick only.

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Is this all of Edward Lear's poem's? .

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Jatinder kaur 04 May 2019

Voyage cheesy but I hoped not sieved

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jack gullick 08 April 2019

my favorite poem is the owl and the cat because my sister spells it the owl and the ***** cat

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Sandra Milton 05 February 2019

My Father in law would recite a poem he learnt in school. We believe it was called The Bigger Wigger? The poem contained some of the charterers in other poem. I can not find this poem under Edward Lear can anyone help?

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anushka Raj Singh 04 January 2019

Nice poems

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Sanjeev 12 December 2018

Thanks for these results of my questions

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Zehra 28 June 2018

So sweet

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Jeff kaplin 08 May 2018

I’m from the overeat h team

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bumbum 04 May 2018


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james pollo 22 March 2018

his poems are good (my sis sas they are epic) :)

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Mister guy 05 March 2018

Love the poems how much have you done.?

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MIlAs 07 December 2017


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Sandra Feldman 09 August 2015

When I was child, my dear mother read me lots of rhymes and poems for children which began my unending love for poetry. One of my favorites was The Pussy Cat and the Owl, still love it, but never bothered to find out who wrote it..After so many years, now I know it was Edward Lear, thanks to this wonderful site, Poem Hunter.

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Michael Baker 01 January 2013

Where is The Owl and the pussycat? .

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Christine Pointer 26 October 2005

When I was in junior school I did not attend assemblies with the other children because of my religion. During the time that the others were singing hymns I was allowed to read my teachers precious copy of Edward Lear poems. This introduced me to the wonderful world of poetry and verse and of course reading. I found Mr. Lear's poems funny and endearing and full of visual delight.

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