Edward Malone

Rookie (10/1959 / Joliet, IL)

Biography of Edward Malone

As I approached my 50th year, I joined a friend as he buried his wife and son in Key West. After sharing his grief, I started looking around at my life, searching for answers. I desired to become more open with my feelings and sharing my heart with those I care about. When my life as a father took a wrong turn, I was faced with a heartache as never before. I found the only way for me to process the range of emotions, was to write - and write I did. Since that time, I have written three to four stories a week about different areas of my life. As I've shared my writing with friends and family of all ages, many have told me how touched they were by my words, some as tears streamed down their cheeks. These words, written from my heart and soul, have given hope and inspiration to each one who has read them. It is with this collection of my work, that I desire to share hope with my readers, and maybe even a smile or two.

Edward Malone's Works:

Working on 'The Master's Soul' 1 and 2

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The Challenger

In the eighties, there was a rocket,
that flew by this name, a tragic ending, and many were blamed-
The very same summer, I learned my wife was to bring,
A baby boy to us- sometime in spring

Those that know, will surely understand,
this couple had a challenge, raise a baby to a man-

The courage and glory, the guts if you will,

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