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41. Stonehenge Bottom 2/13/2016
42. The Midnight Gravel Train 2/13/2016
43. Armistice Day 2/16/2016
44. Conference Season 2/16/2016
45. Conservatory 2/16/2016
46. May Day. Dawn Chorus In Spring 2/16/2016
47. The New God 2/16/2016
48. Planning 2/16/2016
49. Policy 2/16/2016
50. Reading Philip Larkin 2/16/2016
51. Say Hi 2/16/2016
52. Under Sainsbury's 2/18/2016
53. Data Loader Blues 6/30/2016
54. The Queen Wants Brexit 5/7/2017
55. Brexit 6/30/2016

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Course I hate this damned EU.
It's time we had our Waterloo.
Stand beside the union jack,
and fight to take our country back.

We'll have brand new Morris Minors,
not computers made in China.
And what good was science fact?
We have to get out country back.

Eat old fashioned beans on toast,
in damp cafés on our coast.
No foreign micro wavy snacks.
I want to have my country back.

Watch cricket teams on village greens,
with good hard clouts for noisy teens.
Moral fibre's what they lack!
We need to have ...

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Home Drive

Driving home down a Wiltshire avenue.
Past a stone age mound and a gypsy camp.
Thatched houses. The sign of a pub I knew.
A classic motor, on a garage ramp.

Two nearly nude women, out for a jog.
Our house, past the trees. The core of my life.
Park in the drive. Large wags from a small dog.
Big hugs and kisses. My wise witty wife.

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