Edwin Tanguma

Gold Star - 6,367 Points [Dagesh.1theappleofmyfathersi] (2-16-1966 / CA)

Edwin Tanguma Poems

41. What Can I Say About Gene (Senryu) 8/30/2016
42. October Is Almost Here (Double Bussokusekika) 8/30/2016
43. I'll Take My Secrets With Me (Senryu) 8/31/2016
44. Of This I'm Certain (Senryu) 9/1/2016
45. Ya'll Are On A Roll (Bussokusekika) 9/4/2016
46. The Cotton Eyed Joe (Double Bussokusekika) 9/8/2016
47. A Real Dead Pool Soon (Senryu) 9/10/2016
48. As If I Care For Money (Double Bussokusekika) 9/10/2016
49. Sure I Learned How To Survive (Double Bussokusekika) 9/12/2016
50. She Was A Real Pearl (Limerick) 9/15/2016
51. Am I Being Sarcastic When I Write My Poetry Or Simply Inquisitive (Bussokusekika) 9/15/2016
52. Muchos Felicidades (Bussokusekika) 9/15/2016
53. With The Silly Word Purple (Senryu) 9/19/2016
54. Have I Found The Perfect Rhyme (Senryu) 9/20/2016
55. Where There Are No True Winners (Bussokusekika) 9/21/2016
56. Of Minas Probincias (Double Bussokusekika) 9/20/2016
57. Don Jose De Tayopa (Bussokusekika) 9/22/2016
58. Could Mark Twain Have Done Better (Double Bussokusekika) 9/23/2016
59. 'Here's Looking At You' Arnold (Bussokusekika) 9/25/2016
60. But At Least I Try (Senryu) 9/30/2016
61. Our Freedom Of Choice Dictates (Double Bussokusekika) 9/30/2016
62. Apache Could Mean Such Things (Double Bussokusekika) 10/8/2016
63. Writing Poetry Is Simple For Me (A New Form Of Combined Sonnet) 10/9/2016
64. Well Ya'll Are Doing So Well (Bussokusekika) 10/11/2016
65. Yes There Are Times I Do Regress 10/12/2016
66. Hermosillo Is Quite Nice (Double Bussokusekika) 10/15/2016
67. Poetry My Love (Senryu) 10/16/2016
68. Unto My Last Breath (Senryu) 10/16/2016
69. Could We Be Destined To Be (Bussokusekika) 10/17/2016
70. Who's Wasting My Gift (Bussokusekika) 10/17/2016
71. Poetry Is Quite Fickle (Bussokusekika) 10/18/2016
72. Seldom Do We Attain Love (Bussokusekika) 10/18/2016
73. I Had A Signet (Bussokusekika) 10/19/2016
74. 'Tis The Poor Who'll Pay The Price (Bussokusekika) 10/19/2016
75. Could The Lynx Constellation (Senryu) 10/21/2016
76. A Paragon Paradox (Bussokusekika) 10/21/2016
77. Some May Think I'm A Villain (Clerihew) 10/22/2016
78. Boredom Is Boring (Double Bussokusekika) 10/27/2016
79. Whom Am I To Question Him (Bussokusekika) 10/27/2016
80. For Those Who Love Soup (Bussokusekika) 11/1/2016

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Best Poem of Edwin Tanguma

That Young Guy Has Skill

That Young Guy Has Skill

I'm standing outside
In the pouring rain
My heart is broken
And I'm filled with pain

How could you do it
You are such a witch
I'f I were colder
I'd call you a bit**

I'll not sink that low
Although others might
I will not go there
I don't want to fight

You can go your way
And I will go mine
I know in the end
I will be just fine

So enjoy your life
As I'm sure I will
Some people might say
That young guy has skill

I'm glad I met you
I've learned quite a bit
You have helped me ...

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In Honky Tonks And Dives

In Honky Tonks And Dives

I am one of the poor
I barely make a dime
My rotten poetry
At times don't even rhyme

I think grits are yummy
Cooked with lobster's kin shrimp

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