Edwin Tanguma

Gold Star - 5,942 Points [Dagesh.1theappleofmyfathersi] (2-16-1966 / CA)

Edwin Tanguma Poems

121. Through Said Young Whippersnappers (Double Bussokusekika) 12/27/2016
122. They Sit There Licking Their Chops (Senryu) 1/13/2017
123. Standing On My Head (Senryu) 1/16/2017
124. Weaving Words Into Beauty (Haiku) 1/16/2017
125. Unlike Any Other I Remember (Couplet) 1/23/2017
126. Maybe I Am Just Crazy (Bussokusekika) 2/16/2017
127. Donul Dump Is The Biggest (Senryu) 2/16/2017
128. Here In Sunny Cal (Senryu) 2/17/2017
129. Teflon Donul Dump (Senryu) 2/18/2017
130. Some Think I'm Crazy (Senryu) 2/18/2017
131. Yogurt Is Yummy (Senryu) 2/21/2017
132. When I Thought Of My Neighbors (Senryu) 2/21/2017
133. We Are Nothing More Than Cosmic Dust Particles (Senryu) 2/25/2017
134. Could Cash And Credit Be The Real Mark Of The Beast (Senryu) 2/26/2017
135. I'm Such A Failure Who Writes Lousy Poetry (Senryu) 2/27/2017
136. Life Is Wonderful When We're Young And Innocent (Senryu) 3/2/2017
137. When Will Mankind Learn (Senryu) 3/3/2017
138. Daily We Face Life's Demons (Senryu) 3/5/2017
139. Ya Me Enfade (Senryu) 3/5/2017
140. Should I Quit Writing (Senryu) 3/6/2017
141. Only One Knows That Answer (Senryu) 3/12/2017
142. In All Her Forms And Beauty (Senryu) 3/14/2017
143. Pie Is Delicious (Senryu) 3/14/2017
144. Padre Tu Eres (Haiku) 3/16/2017
145. Father You Are Thee (Haiku) 3/16/2017
146. 'Tis A Sad Sad Day (Haiku) 3/18/2017
147. After I Paid All My Bills (Bussokusekika) 3/23/2017
148. Is Prospecting One Of Them (Bussokusekika) 3/28/2017
149. Poetry Will Not Miss Me (Senryu) 3/29/2017
150. Oh How I Miss Prospecting (Bussokusekika) 3/29/2017
151. Visit My Homepage (Haiku) 4/1/2017
152. Yes Buddha Had A Great Gift (Bussokusekika) 4/1/2017
153. Tu Eres Mi Corazon (Haiku) 4/1/2017
154. No Se Nada De Nada (Senryu) 4/2/2017
155. So Read This Again (Senryu) 4/2/2017
156. Here's A Bit Of Pitiful Ire (Limerick) 4/4/2017
157. Or Buy Me Something To Eat (Senryu) 4/5/2017
158. Just Call Me Piss-Poor (Senryu) 4/5/2017
159. When Will World War 3 Begin (Senryu) 4/7/2017
160. We're One Step Closer (Haiku) 4/9/2017

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Best Poem of Edwin Tanguma

That Young Guy Has Skill

That Young Guy Has Skill

I'm standing outside
In the pouring rain
My heart is broken
And I'm filled with pain

How could you do it
You are such a witch
I'f I were colder
I'd call you a bit**

I'll not sink that low
Although others might
I will not go there
I don't want to fight

You can go your way
And I will go mine
I know in the end
I will be just fine

So enjoy your life
As I'm sure I will
Some people might say
That young guy has skill

I'm glad I met you
I've learned quite a bit
You have helped me ...

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