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Biography of Efren Petalver Carranza

I am a believer of “A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in totally insane world.” [Lois Wyse, Author]. And, if I have another friend to claim for, it is my invisible friend: my cyber-world friend who told me that, “writing is an exercise of the mind, ” in this insane world. Therefore, my writings and poetry are not educational matters; these are something that I like to do to keep my mind active. “It doesn’t matter how it is criticized or who criticizes it, ” she said. I know my poetry is not that great, and I know that my grammars are not right at times either, and if my poems are floating around in the space of nowhere, and if someone stops by and finishes reading them, I must have done right to attract their attention. So, to my invisible friend out there, I thank you for your good advices and influential wisdom. You are my “road to the future, ” and my “key to sanity, ” and with life to connect: it is what it is; we are what are.

To be laughed at, ridiculed or mocked, to be disdained and or to be liked, believed, and to be praised, we own ourselves. We are the masters of our own wellbeing, and all the rights and wrongs we seemed to know it all; as a result, we become stubborn or too stubborn to be dictated, directed, or redirected. Thus, the insights of our dreams are roads we follow – either we stumble or fall, but God has given us the strength to rise and move on.

To be your own self: create your own character, devise your own language, have your own philosophy and find your own path; in that way, you are alone but unique to meet many.

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Our Journey To The Sea

I need no label, tag, or some kind of tattoo
Engraved on my skin
Just call me friend or best as I prefer
To carry you on to our journey

Glide my hands now to strum the river to sing with
The birds and winds whistling through… and through
The branches of trees that leaves no notes to follow
Far and beyond the majestic call of the sea

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