Egal Bohen

Rookie - 12 Points (Earth)

Egal Bohen Poems

201. Time Too 5/16/2005
202. To Be Or Not To Be? 8/6/2005
203. Together 6/29/2009
204. Tolerance 10/21/2005
205. Top Of The Hill 5/23/2005
206. Totally Detached From Reality 11/30/2006
207. Trinity Of Order 5/25/2005
208. Truth 3/21/2010
209. Truth Defined 1/28/2006
210. Two Thousand And Ten 9/25/2005
211. Two Worlds Observed 9/3/2007
212. Understanding Life 5/9/2009
213. Universal Screen 9/20/2005
214. Unmasked 10/9/2009
215. Valuable Bits 2/24/2006
216. Very Fortunate Monkeys 12/18/2008
217. Violet 9/6/2007
218. Visions 1/15/2007
219. Wanting Only 11/24/2006
220. Wasp 11/3/2009
221. Water 5/17/2005
222. We Are Not Dead 4/17/2007
223. Whales Song 5/18/2005
224. What Colour Is Behaviour 2/19/2009
225. What Do You Seek 9/15/2005
226. What Is Important Now 6/30/2005
227. What You Know You Should Say 8/22/2006
228. When You Don'T Know What To Do 8/13/2006
229. Where The Rainbows Rule Again 8/20/2007
230. While Innocence Lays Soft Uncurled 8/8/2006
231. Who Are You I Am Me 12/15/2006
232. Why Is It That We Are All Here 9/2/2006
233. Wild Places 8/2/2005
234. With The Dust Of Ages Hung 5/16/2005
235. Words Are Just Labels 1/17/2006
236. Words I Wrote 3/25/2006
237. Your Tree Of Life Is Taking Shape 7/10/2006
238. Zothere 12/18/2008
Best Poem of Egal Bohen

Animals In Clothes

Animals in clothes I see
Driving cars or sipping tea
Animals in clothes I see
But they don't know what they are
These animals that drive a car?
Dress in clothes?
Sip the tea?
Just like you
Just like me
Very clever animals they'd be!

But they don't know what they are
These animals that drive a car
Dress in clothes
Sip the tea
Just like you
Just like me

So truly stupid animals they be
Not to realize what they are
Just because they drive a car
Sip the tea
Just like you
Just like me

Oh what stupid things we be

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Ships Of Stone

There is a vision I behold
Where ships of stone float on a sea of liquid gold
To ancient quays from whence lead fine canals
Straight to the hearts of cities Aeons old

Of what I see in this strange vision nothing leaves me in such awe
As when I look upon the faces of the personalities that stand
Serene and silent in their places as the ships of stone slide by
To those quays and ancient places, to the cities Aeons old

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