Ehab Khalifa

Biography of Ehab Khalifa

Ehab Khalifa Mahmoud, is an Egyptian poet. He composes poetry in both languages, English and Arabic.He was born in Egypt in 1986. He studied English literature. Ehab Khalifa wrote alote of poems that reflects his philosophy and unique style of writing. he was influenced by Greek methology and the Arabic literary heritage that helped him create a wonderful combination of both different cultures. Updates

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My heart stolen by Magi found dead
Where no air nor water to flourish it
When Zeus knew the news, he was dread
Who murdered it? - Magi did that.
Then Magi, arrested by Athena, sent to death
When justice took over, my heart came back to life
I asked Hades to take me underneath
I saw Magi there with the bloody knife
When she saw me, she asked me to forgive