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41. If You Have The Insight 3/8/2018
42. The Words Are The Same 3/8/2018
43. We Are In The Watch List 3/8/2018
44. Life Is Not Only The Name Of Success 3/8/2018
45. Since The Super Human 3/8/2018
46. Better You Forget Me! 3/8/2018
47. The Care And The Caretaker 3/8/2018
48. Life May Not Become Distasteful 3/8/2018
49. What A Wonderful Arrangement! 3/9/2018
50. The Aromatic Smells Have Become Eerie 3/9/2018
51. I Am A Common Man 3/9/2018
52. One Soul And Two Bodies 3/9/2018
53. In Pitiful Agony 3/9/2018
54. I Feel 3/9/2018
55. The Changed Times 3/9/2018
56. In The Gorge Of Heart 3/9/2018
57. Strange Footprints And Strange Paths 3/9/2018
58. A Sweet Repose 3/9/2018
59. The Emblems Of Love 3/9/2018
60. "All Animals Are Equal But Some Are More Equal" 3/9/2018
61. The City Of Lights - -The Paris Of Asia 3/10/2018
62. Art 3/11/2018
63. Of Your Whereabouts 3/14/2018
64. Memories 3/14/2018
65. My Contention 3/14/2018
66. Civilization 3/14/2018
67. The Dauntless Brows 3/15/2018
68. Children 3/15/2018
69. Talent 3/16/2018
70. I Wish To Go Back 3/16/2018
71. Happy Summer Times 3/16/2018
72. The Impetus Of Humanity Is Succumbing 3/17/2018
73. Tired Minds And Weary Hearts 3/10/2018
74. A Man Of Rustic Woodland Air 3/17/2018

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A Man Of Rustic Woodland Air

A man who is born, nourished and grown
In a rustic woodland air
What does he know and why should he know
Of the national or international politics
He is mainly concerned with his labor
And the production which he has to make
To feed himself, his family and save something
Against the rainy days or drought
He has nothing to do with right or left wings
The Republicans or the Democrats
He has to share the joys and sorrows
Of the community and people living around
The education and health of his children
And the employment that ...

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Into Ahaze


When I see in the offing
Where the earth and the sky
Seem to be welded together
In the luminous space
And this earth on which

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