Eila Mahima Jaipaul

Rookie (11/26/1971 / New York)

Eila Mahima Jaipaul Poems

81. Breaking Up On Valentine’s Day Eve (The Acrid Hint Of Almost Gone) 2/13/2006
82. Pomegranate I 4/7/2006
83. Pomegranate Iii 4/7/2006
84. Winter Tale 4/9/2006
85. Speechless 2/14/2006
86. Dangerous (Burst Into Flame) 2/14/2006
87. Except When I'M Dead (Of Course) 2/14/2006
88. Love 1/11/2006
89. You Make Me Something More Beautiful Than I Am 1/11/2006
90. How Can I 1/4/2006
91. Love's Refugee 1/4/2006
92. Silence And The Cold 1/4/2006
93. A Trickle Of Shadows 1/5/2006
94. Brick Wall 1/5/2006
95. Slipping Gently Into Oblivion 1/5/2006
96. The Souls Of Empty Things 1/5/2006
97. Death Wish (Migranes) 1/5/2006
98. Forsaken 1/5/2006
99. Loving Me Despite Myself 1/5/2006
100. It Is Love To See You 1/7/2006
101. A Serpent Is A Good Sign For You 11/14/2005
102. Dreaming In Reality 11/15/2005
103. Cyber Love Bytes The Big One 11/15/2005
104. Letting Go 11/7/2005
105. Decisions 11/7/2005
106. Labor's Fruits (Drinking It All In) 1/9/2006
107. Insubstantial 12/5/2005
108. Consumption 12/7/2005
109. What Lies Within Without You 12/12/2005
110. How I Come To Be In Your Dreams 12/12/2005
111. Yours For The Taking 12/12/2005
112. The Last Fragment Of Me 12/12/2005
113. Need (Before The Dream Ends) 12/12/2005
114. What Lies In Moonbeams 10/27/2005
115. Perhaps I Did Not Mention It, But.... 10/27/2005
116. Release 8/8/2005
117. Salt Water 8/8/2005
118. Smoke And Tea 8/8/2005
119. The Passage Of Time 8/8/2005
120. Speaking Of Dreams 8/8/2005

Comments about Eila Mahima Jaipaul

  • Kee Thampi (12/11/2006 5:28:00 AM)

    Really this great poet for me is ebullient and more eccentric in her views...and writes...very simple but it inveighs our inuredness.... she never condone anything..... inept, infect..
    what happens to the unwanted souls?

    do they wander looking and lost?

    I wish to read her poems again and again in this free X mas days....

    do they remain staid?

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  • Peter Trenear (1/14/2006 5:03:00 PM)

    I love reading these poems. My Wife was also Eila.
    These keep me reminded,
    there is joy, there are tears.
    So far, I have read only a few
    But I will read them all

Best Poem of Eila Mahima Jaipaul


There is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
captured amidst,
a need unfolding.

Eyes gone to lust,
soft lids flutter,
as passion's kaleidoscope,
colors my darkness.

Slender neck flinches,
lips part so lightly,
warm breath spreading,
telegraphing secrets,
of soft stolen kisses.

Soft breast's swell,
arching back moves cat like,
globes framing,
bursting buds of rose.

Arms stretch upward,
pushed high overhead,
fingers curl around nothing,
looking for leverage,
to push back at ...

Read the full of Orgasm

Desire Floats

Through the splendor of a star filled sky
the sound of lovers sighs float endlessly
on the breeze...

We'd made love
wrapped in the cloak of night
desires burning
touches filling needs
lifted, consumed
reveling in pleasure
until ecstasy escaped our lips
flying free...

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