Eila Mahima Jaipaul

Rookie (11/26/1971 / New York)

Eila Mahima Jaipaul Poems

321. Oubliette: A Descent To Haze In 7 Movements 10/24/2007
322. ~ 10/24/2007
323. Pure 10/25/2007
324. Lip Pen Paper 10/25/2007
325. We Know, And Cry For Ourselves 10/25/2007
326. Offerings From The Stone Bowl 10/25/2007
327. Mercy 10/25/2007
328. Conversation I 10/25/2007
329. For Love 2/28/2008
330. Somewhere, In A Different Realm 2/28/2008
331. Illusion And Recollection 2/28/2008
332. Beckon 2/28/2008
333. To My Love, In Honor Of Your Request.... 9/26/2005
334. Double 2/8/2007
335. Dressed In Purgatory 2/8/2007
336. The Shadow Of Clouds 2/8/2007
337. Love (A Valentines Day Poem) 2/15/2007
338. I Love You (A Valentines Day Poem) 2/15/2007
339. Vision 4/11/2007
340. Vulnerable 4/11/2007
341. Misplaced 5/11/2006
342. For Dying 11/19/2006
343. Duets Of February 4/11/2007
344. Past Imperative 10/23/2007
345. The Natural Home Of Love 1/4/2007
346. Resonance- 1/4/2007
347. Tumbling 4/11/2007
348. Parting Ways 2/12/2007
349. Mary Has Sand In Her Slippers 9/12/2006
350. Untitled, Unfinished (Erotic) 12/8/2006
351. Poets (Of Writing Poems, Words, Letters) 9/16/2006
352. Breathe In The Water 9/12/2005
353. My Father's Eyes 8/8/2005
354. Heightened Senses (I Will Miss Hearing You Breathe) 11/17/2005
355. Playing The Strings (Hot Resin Over The G String) 11/7/2005
356. Butterfly Transformation 12/2/2005
357. What I Wouldn'T Give 12/5/2005
358. Sadness Is A Deceptively Quiet Sound 2/7/2006
359. Naked Soul 2/20/2006
360. No Longer Numb 5/1/2006

Comments about Eila Mahima Jaipaul

  • Kee Thampi (12/11/2006 5:28:00 AM)

    Really this great poet for me is ebullient and more eccentric in her views...and writes...very simple but it inveighs our inuredness.... she never condone anything..... inept, infect..
    what happens to the unwanted souls?

    do they wander looking and lost?

    I wish to read her poems again and again in this free X mas days....

    do they remain staid?

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  • Peter Trenear (1/14/2006 5:03:00 PM)

    I love reading these poems. My Wife was also Eila.
    These keep me reminded,
    there is joy, there are tears.
    So far, I have read only a few
    But I will read them all

Best Poem of Eila Mahima Jaipaul


There is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
captured amidst,
a need unfolding.

Eyes gone to lust,
soft lids flutter,
as passion's kaleidoscope,
colors my darkness.

Slender neck flinches,
lips part so lightly,
warm breath spreading,
telegraphing secrets,
of soft stolen kisses.

Soft breast's swell,
arching back moves cat like,
globes framing,
bursting buds of rose.

Arms stretch upward,
pushed high overhead,
fingers curl around nothing,
looking for leverage,
to push back at ...

Read the full of Orgasm

Ensnared In Mysticism

Ensnared by the possibility,
of being sucked in by sensual rain
I shall not forget the taste of you
in fast flooding waves.

I ache in longing to crash into you,
give myself up to you again and again,
till we mingle, limp body parts,
legs dangling comfortably,
in a mysticism that spent us both.

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