Eindaray Kyaw

Rookie (8th Sep,1996 / Yangon)

Eindaray Kyaw Poems

1. Choose The Best 8/13/2012
2. Life Vs Land 8/19/2012
3. Star-Crossed Lovers 8/29/2012
4. I'M Not Sure! 8/31/2012
5. My Boy Friend 8/24/2012
6. Widow 8/15/2012
7. Hopeless 8/13/2012
8. Without 9/2/2012
9. One More 9/3/2012
10. Whose Blame 9/9/2012
11. Father's Hope 8/13/2012
12. If 8/14/2012
13. What Is A Chance? 8/18/2012
14. Bring Me To Heaven! 8/22/2012
15. Might Is Right 8/27/2012
16. Let Me Be Your Guiding Star! 8/24/2012
17. Hometown 8/30/2012
18. Queen Of Victory 9/10/2012
19. Awaiting 9/12/2012
20. Dare To Love 9/1/2012
21. My Lighthouse 8/18/2012
22. My Audiences 8/21/2012
23. Power Of Apology 8/13/2012
24. A Nightmare 8/21/2012
25. Just Say Goodbye 9/4/2012
26. Poker Face 9/17/2012
27. An Oarsman 8/26/2012
28. Let Me Miss 9/13/2012
29. Non-Bloody Battle 9/6/2012
30. What Was Worth? 9/24/2012
31. She 8/28/2012
32. It Was Also Me! 10/4/2012
33. Our Poetry 9/18/2012
34. Lonely 9/20/2012
35. Please Don'T Mind Me 10/18/2012
36. For Nature's Future 9/14/2012
37. Wondrous World 9/5/2012
38. I Am....? 9/26/2012
39. To My Dear Brother 9/7/2012

Comments about Eindaray Kyaw

  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (9/16/2012 2:40:00 AM)

    Well, you are such a wise and sweet poet with great ideas about everything. i s\really appreciate your works and your poetry. your works are like a great art. they are lightly and fragrant. this will be a great way for you, because you are talented and clever in the writing. keep up the great work. hope to see nice works from you in the future.
    Best regards.

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  • Aung Si Aung Si (8/16/2012 10:52:00 PM)

    Hi, my dearest, warmly welcome you.All of your poems are really breathtaking and reflect golden spirit.You are still young.One day in not far future, I believe that you will be greatest poet.I wish!

Best Poem of Eindaray Kyaw

To My Dear Brother

You, a guy with the spirit of brave fire
Who I start to notice and admire
Though you may be a little star,
I bet your future is priceless pearl!

You, a guy of impressive confidence
Who I have to pay respects
Though I can't follow you,
May be as great winter's fellow dew!

You, a guy of excellent abilities
Who I can't stand without complimentary
Though I'm not pretty clever
You force me write poems forever!

You, a guy known as an extrovert
Who I also name Mr.Busy Bird
Though you are a little lazy(Just kidding! !)
You wrote a poem, ...

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Power Of Apology

Oh! My dearest friends...
Why don't you try to apologize?
Let's see and think tonight

Every second...we have to thank
Every minute... we have to admit
Every day...we have to pray
Every week...we have to agree
Every year...we have to cheer

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