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Ekaterina Polishchuk poet

I began writing when I was 14, after the recovering from my illness... I wrote in Russian and Ukrainian about angels, lonely souls, relationships, life treasure, miracles etc. Soon my poems were transformed into stories and novels... Then, I started writing in English. And that`s my own miracle because English isn`t my native language, but I truly love it and hope that my poems reading will give a lot of pleasure and good thoughts to all the readers.

Ekaterina Polishchuk's Works:

" The Keeper" , " The Harlequin`s Confession" (in Russian)

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I`m Sorry...

Today is very, very cold.
I sit alone under the sky,
Remember everything you told
And I don`t know I want to cry…
I want to cry because of you,
Because I want to be not yours,
Because some special words I knew
And they will get me new curios.
Because I stay with own mind,