Eldon M Thomas

Rookie (03-21-1980 / Georgetown, Guyana)

Biography of Eldon M Thomas

Eldon M Thomas (1980-) was born on the 21st of March 1980 in Georgetown, Guyana on the continent of South America. He attended and graduated from both Orange Middle and Orange High Schools in his adopted hometown of Orange, New Jersey. Upon graduation from Orange High, Eldon joined the United States Marine Corps on July 6th 1998, where he served for four years before being Honorably Discharged from Headquarters Battalion, First Marine Division on July 5th 2002. Eldon now resides in New Jersey with his family where he works on his writing career while actively walking(with God’s guidance) in the gifts of artistic expression that God has so mightily placed inside of him. Eldon is the author of The Eldincal Chronicles Book 1 (published by authorhouse.com) and has written five chapbooks titled The Eldincal Rhyme Journals. You can catch Eldon at www.myspace.com/eldincal380.

Eldon M Thomas's Works:

The Eldincal Chronicles Book 1, published by authorhouse.com. The Eldin Cal Rhyme Journals 1-6, self published and available on ebay.com

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So Wise


O Lord you are wise in all of your ways, so wise
No wonder they call you the Ancient of Days, who never dies

The always truthful one who never lies
The one who wipes away our tears when we cry

The one who feeds all of the birds that fly

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