Eleanor Ransom

Rookie (1997- i dono i havent died...yet lol / maidstone)

Biography of Eleanor Ransom

im haveing a realy bad time at school at the moment, and i fing wrighting poems helps me get my feelings out most of the less funny ones are about me and/or my friends: (i love comment they make me smile, and i defently need to, lol i love reading poems as well and im taking drama and dance for a gcse- btw im 13 :) i do have a sence of humor- honest,
speeking of honist i like to be trusted and always try to tell the truth and do my best 2 keep every 1 happy- feel free to talk to me about any of ur problems- i'll try to help but no promises- lol hope this made u laugh or at least smile ;) its a sort of weird bio but i guess im weird too. bye bye hope u engoy my poems and plese comment :)

Eleanor Ransom's Works:

none- unfortuantly lol

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Little Slug

squigily squirmy,
lumterty bumperty,
wishy washy,
littlle slug.

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