Electric Hipster

Rookie (06-16-1988)

Biography of Electric Hipster

My name is Ryan I had to come up with 'Electric Hipster' cause somebody had the name.I always feel these sections are bleak and could never fully give a person an accurate perspective on me, but I'll try. I love Poetry (obviously if I'm on this site) I love music-Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Delta Blues, etc...I find inspiration in everything. I do spoken word all over South Jersey, Philly, and New York. I'm working on getting published.(a life goal) Favorite literary movement-The Beat Poets and Surrealism. My favorite quote-'He not busy being born is busy dying. I'm quite friendly so talk to me, I talk back.

Electric Hipster's Works:

Very soon I vow.

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My Belle

When he was still in youth's skin there were images which provoked restless emotion like a mother cradling a newborn into her inviting arms- the golden eternal kiss of trembling lips to forehead. The silent laughter and understanding between parent and child, something he always yearned to know. Yet, somewhere between memory & desire he found a sm

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