Electric Hipster

Rookie (06-16-1988)

Biography of Electric Hipster

My name is Ryan I had to come up with 'Electric Hipster' cause somebody had the name.I always feel these sections are bleak and could never fully give a person an accurate perspective on me, but I'll try. I love Poetry (obviously if I'm on this site) I love music-Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Delta Blues, etc...I find inspiration in everything. I do spoken word all over South Jersey, Philly, and New York. I'm working on getting published.(a life goal) Favorite literary movement-The Beat Poets and Surrealism. My favorite quote-'He not busy being born is busy dying. I'm quite friendly so talk to me, I talk back.

Electric Hipster's Works:

Very soon I vow.

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Ripples Of Time

His story isn't often told, rather dismissed, like the cup he holds out desperately seeking silver coins or green pieces of paper which hold the images of men who would not receive the likes of such a man. Have you looked deep into the holes beneath his brows? Have you felt the ill's of his internal anguish troubling his weary existence? The symbol

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