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Biography of Elena Ioannou

Lover of fine arts, with artistic trends from child with a pencil in one hand and a book in another... I remember myself, to paint and write, listening to music.
Realistic with my own way, if there is realism because life we now live longer moves the boundaries of surrealism.
I live my reality through music, studying at the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala, drawing and writing what my conscience dictates. I am inspired by what I see around me... a picture, a person, a cloud... the mood of the moment.
My poems are included in anthologies of English poetry publishing house Bonaltia LTD.
I have won in English poetry contest.
Participant poetic tribute album for '100 Years liberated Kavala.'
My poems are hosted in remarkable literary magazines of the internet, as well as in magazines about poetry.
When I have time available I write articles on web news.

My name is Elena Ioannou (Helen John) and I'm from the beautiful city of Kavala.
In my past I studied Fashion Design, Interior Design and Aesthetics in private schools in Athens.
I have in my assets, art exhibitions and a show various content «ENA STYLE» on local channel «Ena Channel» as a television producer and presenter.
I attended seminars on theater and I am a member of the ' Citizens Theatre Kavala.'
I sing in choirs my city.
I feel lucky because even in my present to studying music and I try to spend as best I can.
Besides, life is too short to be sad.

Passion for Poetry___ Elena Ioannou

Elena Ioannou's Works:

End of Days-A Collection Of Poetry
Endless Love-Anthology
Synpoiein - Anthology
100 Years liberated Kavala-Anthology

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Μικρός ανώριμος Θεός

Εγκλωβισμένη εντός μου
ουρλιάζω στο νεκρό κορμί.
-Μ’ ακούει κανείς;
Ψιθυρίζει η σιωπή ατάραχη
-σώπασε αρκέσου στους ήχους
των ψιθύρων μου.
Φωνάζουν οι ευσεβείς πόθοι
που στριμώχθηκαν
στο βάθος των επιθυμιών από τις ανάγκες.