Elena Sandu

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Am I a poet?
Myself, as such,
how could I see?
Have I one clue
of how to write
Sweet poetry?

My tiny words, are nothing more then little tries to learn the whispers of my heart. Most times I just let my pen dance fast and free, with no imposed rules, the only thread to follow, ~the wish to be~ of my soul, my heart, and memories, all waiting to get caught, frozen, kept a moment more. I have no idea if I can catch one smallest part, one tiny dot of those almost unconscious instinctual thoughts coming from between the worlds, still, I am happy and content, for, all that matters,
I have tried.

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Letter To Cosmos

Dear Cosmos, loving Universe
You're dear to each cell of mine,
I always search the sky with same few stars
Trying to feel you when I come back
from doing my human life errands.

Yes, I have many wonders, like anyone else
But I send you only love. And thanks.
For giving me life to immerse

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