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Elena Sandu Poems

161. A Random Morning~not A Poem 6/7/2012
162. Our Earth Serial Killers 6/9/2012
163. Beg For Simplicity 7/3/2012
164. Lovey Dovey... More Or Less 7/12/2012
165. Memory Of Love Making 8/6/2012
166. The Eater 8/8/2012
167. Seen 8/21/2012
168. Zero 9/9/2012
169. The River 9/18/2012
170. Cinema = Entertain! ? ! ... Naah... 9/24/2012
171. Again 10/11/2012
172. Purpose? ! 10/11/2012
173. Untouchable Beauty 10/28/2012
174. How? How Can We Value Right The Human Heart? 11/3/2012
175. Natural Love 11/3/2012
176. ##deadly Weapon##~10 Words 1/14/2013
177. Best Defense For Peace? .. Abandon To Unconditional Love 1/19/2013
178. Existence, the effort of will 生きる(いきる) = 頑張り (がんばり) 1/23/2013
179. Dance Your Love 2/21/2013
180. ? ~love 3/25/2013
181. Silent Bird 3/26/2013
182. Healing Love (10 Words) 4/10/2013
183. Hush, Dear Poet! 4/16/2013
184. Sunshine 5/29/2013
185. The Good Bye Kiss 5/30/2013
186. The Loving Us 6/6/2013
187. 当たり前~(reasonable, natural, forward) 6/6/2013
188. Peaceful Conscience 6/23/2013
189. Different Times 7/6/2013
190. True Friendship~vanilla And Ice 7/9/2013
191. The Poets Are The Revolution Of Love - Not A Poem 7/25/2013
192. Flying Soul 7/25/2013
193. Connection 8/13/2013
194. Pain~life~death 9/1/2013
195. Each Year, On Your Birthday Night, 9/1/2013
196. What If? 9/15/2013
197. Delusions Of Grandeur 9/17/2013
198. ...Lost With The Sky... 4/10/2013
199. Energy ~ What If? 12/3/2012
200. Borderless Art 12/17/2012

Comments about Elena Sandu

  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (9/8/2012 6:59:00 AM)

    You speak as gentle, as nice as you can picture....all mind, experience by words you explain the features..You always think you are not a poet but you did a very large collection of nice and beautiful poems. There is a need for you to keep writing and sharing ideas and things...as you are holding mixtures of different things that not much can have it. your style is Elena, and your content is so original. Keep writing whenever you up and down because there is a lesson in each memory, each moment craved in your life story_Unwritten Soul

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    0 person did not like.
  • Stevens Cadet Stevens Cadet (8/5/2012 2:29:00 AM)

    Thank you for commenting & leaving your opinion on Superstitious

    Much appreciated

    -Stevens Cadet

  • Ahmed Khaled (9/2/2011 3:08:00 AM)

    no my dear, i see what no one else can see it, i see a poetic humane soul so deep in your depths, but dive well to hunt it's pearls// yours: ph.d: a.khaled

  • Ahmed Abomahfouz Ahmed Abomahfouz (7/12/2011 10:54:00 PM)

    poems of you are not like any one..but you don't consider yourself a poet.them who is the poet on here, you manipulate my feelings with your words like a young boy manipulating a ball raising it high in the sky and sometimes trample it as in your poem (pardon)
    Elena..you are a great poet

  • Kipper Stagg (3/17/2010 2:26:00 PM)

    Elena is truly a warm and loving poet who writes with such a beauty driven from deep within her warm heart
    I have enjoyed reading her poetry immensely particularly 'Sibiu, My love! '
    may you write many more poems of such a high caliber and may your life be filled full of sunny days!
    Your friend.

Best Poem of Elena Sandu

Haiku Series: Healings Of The Wind

Fairy tale, Zephyr
autumn dance of golden leaves
dry tears in spring.

The magic of merry
Petals of the tree of cherry
Summer kiss will bring.

When brain is on fire
a formal evening attire
snow flakes, graced white dress.

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A Lock For Hearts

If you may find
A missing piece
could it be send
to me?
I also lost my key!
Inside the chest are kept
Two gems, a pair
Of precious eyes,

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