Elena V. Moonray

Rookie (April 24,1880 (I wish) / Moscow)

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Elena V. Moonray poet

My life is some sort of a paradox - the longer I live, the less I know. And I kind of like it that way :)) . I mean, I enjoy learning – learning new things is the best.

I love my family and my many good friends. They are very warm, funny, and encouraging people, though sometimes they are trying to hide their best qualities. I can’t even imagine myself for a second without them.

Basically, I am easily amused and happy with my life. And I have a serious and logical side, as well, but I will keep it away from this Site cause you might find it boring.

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Wake Me Up

Wake me up
With your kisses
Wake me up
With your desire
Take me away
With your passion
How long
I’ve been asleep for?
The last thing I
Was a spindle;
And then it all went dark...


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