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121. I May Not Be A Book 9/20/2012
122. Sage 9/20/2012
123. For The Girl I Used To Love From Colorado 9/20/2012
124. 31 Federal Via 88th 9/21/2012
125. Colorado Thunderstorm 9/21/2012
126. I Tried Talking To Someone 10/9/2012
127. No Moss 7/24/2009
128. 'Buses/No Buses' 2/28/2010
129. 11/27 11/27/2009
130. Let Me Go Through This 7/24/2009
131. For The Animals 11/24/2007
132. For The Newlyweds 3/15/2008
133. The Pirate And His Treasure 5/4/2009
134. Six Poor Haiku's 12/6/2007
135. The Beatles 11/24/2007
136. For Your Protection 5/8/2008
137. Jacques Brel 12/3/2010
138. These Hands 10/26/2009
139. Auditory Emotions 12/11/2007
140. A Thought Of Her: A Sonnet 11/24/2007
141. A Martyr’s Point Of View 11/24/2007
142. Love Is An Understatement 11/24/2007
143. Dear Poetry 1/12/2008
144. In The Sky 11/24/2007
145. Food Of Love, A Sonnet 7/29/2008
146. Anecdotal Poem 1/23/2008
147. Prisoner Of Angels 1/8/2008
148. (untitled) 11/24/2007
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“Most people look at things and wish they were simpler. They tell me they wish they could be a kid again, when things were less complicated. Where the hardest choice of the day was watching “Spongebob Squarepants” or “Dexter’s Laboratory” and the worst punishment you could possibly get was Time-Out in your room.
Those were the simple days. No worries, no cares, just you and life, hand in hand doing whatever cliché you can think of.


My life was a little bit like that. Just add:

1. 2 cups of Divorced Parents
2. 1 stick of Custody Battle
3. ½ ...

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Samantha didn’t deserve to die.
She had too much going for her: High School, Girl Scouts, Junior Fair board, Mock Trial. She was really good at Mock Trial, Samantha was very good at Mock Trial. She was actually a threat to the county champions Southwest High School. She gave the meanest Pre-Trial in the Valley. Samantha’s family loved her, loves her. They still do. I bet they miss her dearly. Without Samantha, they aren’t complete.


I didn’t know Samantha, but I went to her visua

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