Eli Siegel Poems

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Shakespeare, Compactly

Shakespeare, Compactly

Look at Hamlet
What Hamlet’s father said to him,

Quiet, Tears, Babies

Quiet in the street,
In the street with houses having babies,

Put Zebras By The Mississippi

Swiftly in forests, the zebra,
Slowly the Mississippi;
Zebras are by the Mississippi,
Not so by, but by.

Twenty-One Distichs About Children

Twenty-one Distichs about Children

Thou, whose exterior semblance doth belie
Thy soul's immensity.—WORDSWORTH

Hymn To Jazz And The Like

What is sound, as standing for the world and the mind of man at
any time, and in any situation?
Sound is an unknown, immeasurable reservoir which has been gone
into and used to have chants, rituals, jigs, bourrées, sonatas,

Eagles Go With The Fine News To Many Places

Curiously the wilderness
Had thousands of little beings going about in its wide, dark, cool ground, underneath the tall, uncaring trees.

The Dark That Was Is Here

A girl, in ancient Greece,
Be sure, had no more peace
Than one in Idaho.

Milwaukee Eagle

O Milwaukee eagle, circler over muddy rivers,
Who takes the sun contentedly and air approvingly;
Who never has alighted on languidly carried parasols had by tall ladies in brown;

Ralph Isham,1753 And Later

Know you him, O, him,
Who lived in those days?
He wore a gay coat,
And he stepped along, jauntily, jauntily,

Hot Afternoons Have Been In Montana

Quiet and green was the grass of the field,
The sky was whole in brightness,
And O, a bird was flying, high, there in the sky,
So gently, so carelessly and fairly.

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