Eli Spivakovsky

Eli Spivakovsky Quotes

  • ''It's pretty damn difficult to be yourself. Your chances of succeeding are approximately 7 billion to 1.''
    Eli Spivakovsky
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  • ''If everyone believed in 'The Spirit of the Law', the Law would begin to lose its Spirited-ness, it would start to semi-solidify, it would become jelly-like. You'd have 'The Jello of the Law' - something to believe in that's also a low-fat dessert.''
    Eli Spivakovsky
  • ''Who wants to lead the Leper Revolution?''
    Eli Spivakovsky
  • ''And so by avoid to use grammar tenses
    She able to time travel.''
    Eli Spivakovsky

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Celestial Flower

What are cherry blossoms?
Snow mixed with pink icing sugar.
It approaches a Maiko's hair
and she is neither full human nor full flower.

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