Elijah Spellman

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Biography of Elijah Spellman

Elijah Rene Spellman is a 40 year old Butch from Michigan with a healthy interest in BDSM...don't be alarmed about some of the edgier subject matter, it is consensual both in My imagination as well as in real time. I write from My experience as a Butch and as a member of the BDSM community.

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I, Remain

“I’m just a simple prairie girl” she would retort, as I reveled in her depth and complexity.
I understood her and misunderstood her, simultaneously.
Long, languishing evenings spent intricately weaving our souls together.
Pleading with each other inaudibly to “handle with care” the gifts we sometimes reluctantly, sometimes voraciously bestowed on each other.
She sang for Me, I listened.
I realized after her unannounced departure she had been saying goodbye, since hello.

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