Elijah Spellman

Rookie (Michigan)

Biography of Elijah Spellman

Elijah Rene Spellman is a 40 year old Butch from Michigan with a healthy interest in BDSM...don't be alarmed about some of the edgier subject matter, it is consensual both in My imagination as well as in real time. I write from My experience as a Butch and as a member of the BDSM community.

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The Last Evening

Wwe are alone in the heavy night air,
trying to fight away the impending daybreak.
music wafting through the electric air that engulfs Uus…
and keeps Uus momentarily safe.
unspoken words get eaten by fear and surprise.
Oour bodies melded together and moving slowly…
sometimes imperceptively together.
Oour breathe, tongues mingling,
testing Oour ability to stay in this moment.

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