Elinor Auerbach

Biography of Elinor Auerbach

I am 17 and living with my parents on a small farm in South Africa just outside of Durban, KZN. I have always had an interest in the written word and have loved to write poems since I was very young. I attend the local Steiner/Waldorf school in KZN (Roseway Waldorf School) and will be finishing December of next year (2008) . From there I am hoping to study the performing arts and literature at varsity and will see what happens from there.

Elinor Auerbach's Works:

I recently managed to get a collection of 29 of my poems published with a local publishing company 'Leopard Press' which belongs to a man named Neill Stevenson who greatly helped me in the whole publishing process. The poems are a selection of some of my poems that I have written over the last 2 years and some of which are/will soon be here for you to view.

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Tears are strange things.
Pearls of salty water
Caressing faces with soft healing hands
Gliding down the contours of a face
Slipping down, down
Until they reach the corners of the mouth
And then
Sliding on, hesitantly
Until they reach the chin

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