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Freshman - 779 Points [Elisavetio] (1987)

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Elis Mita poet

Elisavetio or Elis Mita, is an Italian and greek roots artist (painter) , poet, lyricist, historian, reflexionist, political scientist and activist.
Born on December of 1987.
Gratuated on Athens College of Fine Arts, Fine Arts University of United Kingdom, Literature's Institute Robert Burns, then at Ècole Nationale Supèrieure De Beaux Arts de Paris, practic on History of Art in Rome (Studi Storici, Storia Dell'Arte) and degree on Political-Social Sciences & History of University Panteon of  Athens.
Creators of more than 5000 artworks and partecipant in Art's Exhibitions around the world, with most viewed paintings like: " The Orphan" , " The Son" , " Mamma" , " The God" , " Gavroche" , " Oliver Twist" , " The Immortality In Person" , " La Petit Katysha" , " Dignitè, Humanitè, Èternitè" , " Dasfydanja" , " Romantism" , " Little Hellas" , " No One Had Born Enemy" , " Piccole Grandi Margherite" , " Nemesis Suicide" , " Italia" , " O Little Melancholic And Fearless Highlander" etc.
From the few were has the capacity to write in various languages, has wroten in Italian, Old Roman (Latinus) , Greek, Ancient Hellenic, French, in English, in Scots Gaelic etc.
Author of most than 300 poems that will be published soon in Italian, Greek, Scots Gaelic, English, Russian, French, Albanian, Spanish, Turk, Maltese, Serb-croatian and Portuguese languages.

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Conversation With God

Welcomed weird sir.
Sit down where you want.
For You I think I had heard.
So many times so.
I'm seein' You tired.
And with broken heart.
Like You a lot had  traveled.
Like You has come from far.
But You're still so beautiful.

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