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Elizabeth Haasch Poems

1. Words With No Meaning 4/21/2011
2. Definition Of Love 5/26/2011
3. My Muse 9/25/2011
4. Within 10/6/2011
5. Your Existence 10/14/2011
6. Because 10/14/2011
7. Life's Melody 10/22/2011
8. Let It Be Said 10/24/2011
9. Ivory Keys 11/13/2011
10. Dancing Across 11/13/2011
11. Love If You Love Me Based Off Creeley's Poem 11/13/2011
12. Seeing Is Believing 12/5/2011
13. You Are Still With Me 2/9/2012
14. An Antonym We Are 2/16/2012
15. This Unfinished Novel 2/18/2012
16. Words I Cannot Say 2/18/2012
17. Jealousy In The Moonlight 2/18/2012
18. Permanent Markings 6/25/2012
19. Wonder.Wander.Waver 4/21/2011
20. Wanting You 4/21/2011
21. Why 4/21/2011
22. Shattered Conscience 4/22/2011
23. Paint 4/24/2011
24. Equilibrium Found In Perfection 5/9/2011
25. I Don'T Feel So Alone 4/24/2011
26. Meaningless Tragedy 4/22/2011
27. Boat With No Oars 4/21/2011
28. Some Sort Of Perfection 4/21/2011
29. What We Fear Most 7/20/2012
30. Everlasting 2/4/2013
31. Resilience In Love 11/10/2012
32. In Pure Dreaming 8/2/2012
33. Need 4/21/2011
34. A Promise 4/22/2011
35. The Reality In It All 7/20/2012
36. Life As We Know It 11/10/2012
37. Antiques 4/21/2011

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I’m sick of the madness.
The hoping for more than you’ll ever have.
The antique hearts rusting away
like a carousel that’s never be ridden.

I’m sick of waiting for the pin to fall,
the umpire to tell me I’ve struck out once again.
I’m sick. You tell me that.

What is so bad in your life
that you can’t ride on down, pedal to the medal.
Stick a cork in it.
Living life like this is no more than wasted space,
a tumor growing with no medicine to cure
such a disease to the heart.
This love is nothing more than a meaningless tragedy. ...

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Why I sit here in the dark.
Why I do the things I do.
Why is a question that keeps running through my head.
The tears flowing free like a stream of welled up thoughts of us.
The stars have never seemed so far away.
I’m looking for a way to realize now.
I don’t even recognize this girl I look at.

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