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I'm an artist, musician, writer. Born in Maine, raised in Michigan, where I currently reside. I am currently single. I have some of my artwork on my personal website here: Artwanted.com just write in Elizabeth Lindberg to the search slot. I have 16 galleries of sketching, painting, digital art, photography, family, greeting cards, and humor.
I am basically a happy person, with a good sense of humor. I have ultimate faith in God, he takes good care of me. I've been playing music most of my life.
I play guitar, banjo, mandolin, and a little piano.
I love to compose music, and I'm grateful for the gifts of creativity that God has given me, and enjoy sharing them.

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Balls Of Clay

He'd found some balls of clay,
and puzzled over them,
inside a beach-side cave,
that was small, dark, and dim,

the beach he then did stroll,
he took the balls of clay,
he liked to hear kerplunk,
so he threw them in the waves,

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