Elizabeth Madox Roberts Poems

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The Woodpecker

The woodpecker pecked out a little round hole
And made him a house in the telephone pole.


(A Song)

A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,

Little Rain

When I was making myself a game
Up in the garden, a little rain came.

It fell down quick in a sort of rush,


I had a feeling in my neck,
And on the sides were two big bumps;
I couldn't swallow anything
At all because I had the mumps.

The Butterbean Tent

All through the garden I went and went,
And I walked in under the butterbean tent.

The Hens

The night was coming very fast;
It reached the gate as I ran past.

The Sky

I saw a shadow on the ground
And heard a bluejay going by;
A shadow went across the ground,
And I looked up and saw the sky.

The Rabbit

When they said the time to hide was mine,
I hid back under a thick grape vine.

Babes In The Woods

The two little children that died long ago
Away in the woods on the top of a hill--
And a good little robin that knew all about it

Strange Tree

Away beyond the Jarboe house
I saw a different kind of tree.
Its trunk was old and large and bent,
'And I could feel it look at me.'