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Elizabeth Middleton Poems

1. Un-Something! 4/21/2009
2. Morgan 4/21/2009
3. Making Poems 4/21/2009
4. Us 4/21/2009
5. I No Longer Have You 4/30/2009
6. Musical Colors 4/30/2009
7. No, I’m Not! 4/30/2009
8. Creation Cycle 5/3/2009
9. The Unsaid Feelings 5/3/2009
10. With His Death Came My Life 5/3/2009
11. Money Makes The World Go ‘round 5/3/2009
12. Little Voices 5/5/2009
13. New Worlds 5/8/2009
14. What I Share With The Water 5/8/2009
15. Blue 5/8/2009
16. How Did I Loose Those? 5/9/2009
17. Jumping 4/21/2009
18. Hydrothermal Vents 4/21/2009
19. Tennis 4/21/2009
20. You Left Me, But You Didn’t 4/30/2009
21. A Fox's Point Of View 5/3/2009
22. From Underneath The Trees 4/21/2009
23. Color Me Not 4/21/2009
24. What Is Death? 4/21/2009

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Middleton

What Is Death?

-How do we view birth?
As the beginning
-What is school like?
A public prison for everyone
A field of creativity and learning
-What does graduation mean?
-How about a job?
Making a dream(s) come true
-How does marriage strike you?
-What are your plans on children?
-What does getting old mean?

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If I were to Undo something, what would I undo? The death of the dinosaurs?
If I could Unbind something, what would it be? A marriage?
If I Unblocked a play, which would it be? West Side Story?
If I Unbuttoned something, would it be Dad‘s work shirt?
If I Unwrapped something, could it be someone else’s present?
If I had Unfastened a seatbelt, whose would it be? The child’s to save the mother?
What if YOU did it too?
You could Untie Tommy’s shoes!
Maybe even Unstop Mommy and Daddy

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