Elizabeth Middleton

Elizabeth Middleton Poems

1. Un-Something! 4/21/2009
2. Morgan 4/21/2009
3. Making Poems 4/21/2009
4. Us 4/21/2009
5. I No Longer Have You 4/30/2009
6. Musical Colors 4/30/2009
7. No, I’m Not! 4/30/2009
8. Creation Cycle 5/3/2009
9. The Unsaid Feelings 5/3/2009
10. With His Death Came My Life 5/3/2009
11. Money Makes The World Go ‘round 5/3/2009
12. Little Voices 5/5/2009
13. New Worlds 5/8/2009
14. What I Share With The Water 5/8/2009
15. Blue 5/8/2009
16. How Did I Loose Those? 5/9/2009
17. Jumping 4/21/2009
18. Hydrothermal Vents 4/21/2009
19. Tennis 4/21/2009
20. You Left Me, But You Didn’t 4/30/2009
21. A Fox's Point Of View 5/3/2009
22. From Underneath The Trees 4/21/2009
23. Color Me Not 4/21/2009
24. What Is Death? 4/21/2009
Best Poem of Elizabeth Middleton

What Is Death?

-How do we view birth?
As the beginning
-What is school like?
A public prison for everyone
A field of creativity and learning
-What does graduation mean?
-How about a job?
Making a dream(s) come true
-How does marriage strike you?
-What are your plans on children?
-What does getting old mean?

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Color Me Not

Tears of frustration pour down her face,
She can not figure out her place.
Her eyes see no color.
Not black, white, yellow, nor brown.
To tell her that she does not belong,
Is where the teller is entirely wrong.
Raised by parents of African descent,
But she is white one hundred percent.
Now told she must no longer be by her family,

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