Elizabeth Morris

Rookie (14 years of age / Myrtle Beach)

Elizabeth Morris Quotes

  • ''The white dominant culture seemed to think that once the Indians were off the reservations, they'd eventually become like everybody else. But they aren't like everybody else. When the Indianness is drummed out of them, they are turned into hopeless drunks on skid row.''
    Elizabeth Morris (b. c. 1933), Native American service agency administrator. As quoted in Ms. magazine, p. 50 (January 1973). An Athabascan Indian from Alaska, Morris was director of the Indian Center, a multiservice agency in Seattle, Washington.
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Brandon Buscher

I lose all train of thought.
Your my spring in my foot step.
I would walk to the end of the Earth for you.
I would swim the 7 seas to look at you.
I would kill to rest my lips on yours.
And still i ask how i love you so much.
I can only show you in my actions.
I will rest your hand upon my heart.
And you will feel the beat of the drum.

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