Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Quotes

  • ''Yes, peace is so difficult to find because people refuse to use their heart in relating with other people. People would rather act out from a pedestal of arrogance, power and might, not minding if it brings great misery to others.''
    sorrow over acts of terror...
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  • ''Sleep well and dream dreams. For it is in dreaming that one begins to see mountains of possibilities''
    To dream is the key to explorations, conviction and action.
  • ''We bear the great sorrow about the growing acts of violence and terror committeed against fellow humans. With the means of transportation and communication, we think that we should have been made closer to each other and learn more from each other, but the gap and misunderstandings between us and others are still steadily prevailing and people bear the psychosis of fear.''
    sorrow over violence in our time
  • ''Do not give in to the proddings of anger which incite you to give a cold shoulder against the one who cause you to be angry.''
    Anger and the temptation it has to deepen the alienation from another human being.
  • ''After Haiyan and another earthquake, people continue to suffer the disease of corruption, aborting the work for healthy rehabilitation.''
    relief work of rehabilitation with secret shadows of corruption by those in power.
  • ''While the rich live in villas and mansions, protected by high fences of concrete walls and metals, we have children on the streets begging for water and food to satisfy the hunger in their tummy.''
    while walking on the streets in Cebu City
  • ''Large piece of land is bought, owned and acquired by those who have money on their hand, and those who have been thriving on this piece of land for many years in their lives are ejected from this ground, wondering why those who have money to buy have the right to own a piece of land, depriving them the land of their birth.''
    sad about landlessness in the Philippines of those who cannot pay for piece of land to build their own house.
  • ''Flowers display a smile of hope.''
    beauty of nature which awakens something greater and deeper in us.
  • ''Remaining summer days are few. Enjoy each sunny day and be thankful for the rainfall too.''
    enjoying the great summer
  • ''Refugees continue to run for their life, hoping they will be met by Samaritan spirit.''
    worried about the great influx of refugees, spread in many countries, seeking for better life and peace.

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, guide me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, show the way
You are my light
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, comfort me
Give your listening ears when I cry
Help me find the strength in what I can
You are my help
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, build me up
When I do wrong, show me what is right
Teacher, teacher, teacher, let us laugh
You are my friend
You are my guide.

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Love Beyond Measure

Who can fathom its depth
when it touches the heart
to rejoice and mourn?

Who can conquer its height
when it elevates one to
the apex of delirium and success?

Who can hoard its fragrance
when to hide it
murders the beauty
of both man and woman?

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