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  • ''Yes, man's progress makes the future of the young ones possibly alarming. But there is also the growing inhumanity of man against man which cannot let the birds stop from crying. And yet, as long as there are eggs hatching and the little ones growing, there is hope for change.''
    response to a poet's response to my haiku, Stop Crying.
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  • ''People with freedom will always flee as refugees to protect their life or to seek for a better life. Host countries that offer hospitality to strangers and refugees will also be blessed.''
    glad to see that Germany, Sweden and Norway are opening friendly borders to refugees.
  • ''Another shooting in school premises in USA, this time in Oregon, killing ten persons and wounding more than 20! Why right to ownership of guns and weapons is still a debate in USA?''
    Just tired about the cases of violence, taking place in schools, in a country that champions peace and democracy.
  • ''Terrorism stems from hate which bubbles up to the demonic drive to kill and kill lives.''
    On the massacre in Paris, November 13-14,2015.
  • ''Love is in the human heart, innate in every human being, but with the human freedom to choose, one can also decide to do the opposite of love, which is hate. Our history is now witnessing a period when human beings choose to act out of hate, and fully eradicating the beauty and value of love.''
    Still on Paris bloodbath, which killed 129 lives and leaving 352 wounded, among them are those in critical condition. While people are mourning, ISIS is celebrating.
  • ''There is also another window through which a growing child can learn about God's love. It is the unconditional love of a husband to his own wife, the mother of his own child.''
    dealing on the subject on child rearing in a Christian home or in whatever religion one belongs to in our world.
  • ''The world is looking, and we are measured as a nation by the way we treat the foreigners or refugees in our midst and those who bank at our doors. Jesus' way of love to all, a living principle.''
    on the refugee crisis that has rocked our world
  • ''The birds, sunlight and grasses on the ground are calling for spring after the cold and dark winter.''
    Just wishing for spring to come soon. Just tired of the cold, rain and long nights. Just wishing for longer days than long nights; just calling for spring...
  • ''I just want to portray the beauty when one is able to survive after a heavy storm in life. As mortals, we are always on the threshold of joy and sorrow, of ups and downs, but to have courage to overcome the storms in life makes life ever more beautiful and worthwhile to live for...''
    On my recent painting: After the Storm,30x40 cm, acryl on canvas, February 9,2016.
  • ''To love with all your heart is to be blessed with love in return.''
    On Valentine's Day 2016

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, guide me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, show the way
You are my light
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, comfort me
Give your listening ears when I cry
Help me find the strength in what I can
You are my help
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, build me up
When I do wrong, show me what is right
Teacher, teacher, teacher, let us laugh
You are my friend
You are my guide.

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Love, Acrostics

L= is for life to be lived, developed and protected.

O= is order in creation of giving, receiving and

V= is a vine of network for the life to live and survive.

E= is for eternity that measures time in terms
of hope and longing in the heart.

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