Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Quotes

  • ''The present crisis in our world is just too much. No nation can ever survive by seeking to stand alone, cutting ties, only to save itself.''
    On Brexit, Britain's possible leaving the European Union.
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  • ''The struggle for women's liberation is not yet over. Many women are still abducted, sold and enslaved.There is no justice on earth without women's rights!''
    On the case of gang rape of a Danish tourist in India.
  • ''The struggle for women's liberation is not yet over.Many women are still abducted, sold, enslaved.There is no justice without women's rights.''
    women in slavery.
  • ''Vote for fellowship and solidarity with the suffering world. Do not wash up your hands like what Pilate did.Share your strength, Britain!''
    on Brexit, when Britain will have to vote, either to get out of the European Union or remain in EU.
  • ''We are connected to each other in spite of differences in race, language and culture. We understand joy and pain, laughter and tears.''
    On Orlando Massacre in Florida, June 2016
  • ''Forces of evil continue to claim dominance over lives and communities, seeking to kill and destroy but love is stronger, seeking to renew and rebuild.''
    sad about the continues cycle of violence from Paris to Orlando and now in Britain with the death of Jo Fox, June 16,2016.
  • ''Fleeing for life is a natural reaction of anyone whose life is endangered. Helping refugees is a sacred human duty.''
    On Refugee Day, June 20,2016!
  • ''Start a new day with hope in mind and heart. When fear lurks in the dark, see bursting flowers that point to new beginnings.''
    enjoying the sight of flowers in the garden.
  • ''The more you give, the more you receive
    The more you save only yourself,
    the more you lose what you have invested.''
    on BREXIT, Great Britain- leaving the European Union.
  • ''Rivers of human blood after every terror attack, and the conscience of those who engineer these attacks has turned to stone.''
    On Istanbul terror attack, June 28,2016

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, guide me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, show the way
You are my light
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, comfort me
Give your listening ears when I cry
Help me find the strength in what I can
You are my help
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, build me up
When I do wrong, show me what is right
Teacher, teacher, teacher, let us laugh
You are my friend
You are my guide.

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Love, Acrostics

L= is for life to be lived, developed and protected.

O= is order in creation of giving, receiving and

V= is a vine of network for the life to live and survive.

E= is for eternity that measures time in terms
of hope and longing in the heart.

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