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Once more my heart is in my pen
wasting the paper and telling lies.
My brain stays quiet, but thinks: „Again!
Will there be an end to all the why’s? “


Around me there was only darkness,
I was surrounded by eternal night.
Somehow you destroyed the emptiness,
and with you came my beloved light.

These Hours

These hours that are killing you...
I hate these hours, these minutes.
All words are empty and matter to no one
I want to light the sky and burn the moon


Today my songs came to an end.
At night my voice was stuck in my throat.
It feels like I’ve lost my closest friend
I can’t even utter a single note.


The sun falls into the sea,
another day has died.
Another night embraces me
again my hopes have lied.

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11 November 2014

I think it's awful and ugly and a complete waste of talent. Why is he wasting his talent? ... why doesn't he make a movie that would uplift kids and teach them something? All this sex and violence, sex and violence. He's like a dog chasing his tail.

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