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Elizabeth Tyrrell Poems

1. My Life 11/3/2013
2. Where I'm From 11/3/2013
3. Caring 11/3/2013
4. Why Do I? 11/3/2013
5. You And I 11/3/2013
6. Moving 11/3/2013
7. Apology To Courtney 5/8/2014
8. What And Who You Are 5/8/2014
9. To The Person I Love 5/8/2014
10. Tell Me 5/13/2014
11. Tell Me (Part 2) 5/13/2014
12. You Fools 9/6/2014
13. Love And Loss 9/24/2014
14. This Isn'T My Body 11/21/2014
15. Blackout 1/7/2015
16. Emily Elizabeth Tyrrell 1/12/2015
17. Band 1/12/2015
18. Teenagers 11/12/2015
19. Her 2/3/2016
20. 'I Am' 9/3/2014
21. Depression 5/1/2014
22. Who I Am 11/3/2013
23. He Owns Me 11/3/2013
24. My Heart Belongs To... 11/3/2013
25. Him And Only Him 5/8/2014
26. I Love You More Than... 8/29/2013
27. Freedom? 7/6/2014
28. Cheating 7/6/2014

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I hurt him
Hurt him badly
I didn't mean to
I just wanted him
To know how he made me feel
Guess I went to far
Guess I could have handled it better
Guess I should have
But I didn't
And now I'm in trouble
And I'm sorry for it
Not that I went to far
But that I got caught
Got caught playing with his heart
Got caught cheating
And with his best friend
Now I'm paying the price
For what I did to him
And I'm sorry for it
But then again I'm not
So sorry
Not sorry

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My Heart Belongs To...

My heart belonged to a bad person,
He cut me open and left me to die,
He left me cut and bruised,
I didn't stop him because I was in love.

My heart belonged to an evil person,
He tore me apart,
He left me on the streets when I needed him,
But still I did nothing.

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