Elizabeth Walker

Rookie - 20 Points (11/01/1985 / Winston Salem, North Carolina)

Elizabeth Walker Poems

41. Undefined Friends 1/7/2012
42. So Sick 1/7/2012
43. Burned Bridge 1/7/2012
44. Last One For You 1/7/2012
45. Leave Me Wanting 1/8/2012
46. Sir 5/11/2012
47. Finding Closure 8/3/2012
48. Me With You 8/3/2012
49. Addicted 8/10/2012
50. D.S 11/8/2004
51. Your Comfort 11/8/2004
52. Dark Thoughts 11/12/2004
53. Deanna My Dear, You'Re Gone 11/12/2004
54. Such A Dissappointment 6/1/2005
55. M.L.H.3 10/8/2011
56. J.D.C. 10/8/2011
57. S.W.S. 10/19/2011
58. Still Missing You 10/19/2011
59. Trouble 10/19/2011
60. Useless Love 10/19/2011
61. Child Of Christ 12/21/2011
62. K.S.A. 9/10/2017
63. So Giddy In Love 11/22/2004
64. Do You Even Care? 10/8/2011
65. Plane Ride 11/8/2004
66. I'Ll Do Anything For You 12/21/2011
67. Life With You 11/8/2004
68. Absent And Numb 10/8/2011
69. An Unheard Cry 11/8/2004
70. My Little Baby 12/25/2013
71. Eternally Yours 11/8/2004
72. Racing 11/8/2004
73. School's Food 11/8/2004

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Walker

An Unheard Cry

Your love is indeed perfect, perfectly refined
such a love anyone would desire as I do for mine.
Closely I follow your lead hoping my life will turn around
yet I miss your footprints and stumble and fall down.
Eyes now glitter heart starts to flip,
for your love so many times do I trip.
You come around and life sound
then leave me alone and my heartache is shown.
No goodbye tonight was a pain.
You held her hand and left all my smiles I could only feign.
I want to cry, I want to yell,
I want to die, all this life is hell.
Dysfunctional, depressed, confused ...

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Such A Dissappointment

Such a dissppointment like a cheap one hit cd
don't you understand I'm talking about me
a stubborn, illogical rebel or just a girl who wants some fun
the odds are stacked against me the pressure weighs a ton.
I'm running out of options walls sprout up like weeds
all I want is happiness but you don't understand my pleas
what we want is different just like who we are
momma understood me but now she's gone so far
so now I feel alone the warmth turned to cold winds